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The challenges for businesses to compete online has created greater demand for digital marketing services. Companies need fast and effective strategies to promote their products or services to their targeted audiences. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the most popular paid advertising techniques for businesses. There are several types of PPC marketing that charge you each time an ad is clicked on by a web visitor who is then directed to your website. PPC bid management is a process to make bids for the ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches a keyword related to your business. Targeting the most searched keywords, you can get a top spot placement on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP).

The process of creating a successful PPC campaign involves several important steps. From researching and choosing the right keywords to organizing them into ad groups and campaigns, you may need to perform every step carefully. Our team of experts analyzes your business and offers you the PPC management services that can get you maximum ad clicks and conversions. Search engines reward advertisers who create fine-tuned ad campaigns by charging less for ad clicks made by their web visitors. As an expert PPC management company, we set up your website’s landing pages in a way that can be best optimized for conversions. This way, you can eventually pay less for your paid ad clicks and gain higher profits for your business.

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Search Ads

Search advertising is a method of internet marketing that shows online advertisements to potential prospects who are searching for your products or services online. This is the most common form of paid advertising, search ads are most suitable for short-term sales goals or occasional promotions. If you are looking to get more leads for your business, our Google AdWords experts can help you accomplish your plans effectively.

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Display Ads

Display ads use graphic advertising with text, images, video and visual aids to grab the user’s attention. They are highly effective in reaching more than 90% of online users. With the help of display ads, you can increase your conversion rate in less time. These PPC ads target users based on their preferences and appear on Google’s partner (industry-related) websites.

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Social Media Ads

One of the fastest-growing forms of advertising is to use paid advertising on social media platforms. If you are looking for eCommerce PPC management services, social media ads can be a great fit for you. Social media ads allow users to use narrow targeting techniques by creating audience sets based on user hobbies, interests, searching behaviors, locations, professions, and more filters. We offer expert advice about how to engage customers effectively.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are displayed on online shopping websites with a large volume of products to sell. These ads appear in a carousel format above or beside Google’s search results. Prospects can view the products with their pricing info on Google SERP before even clicking on the link making it super easy to find the information they need.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube ads or in-stream ads are paid ads that appear on YouTube search results, YouTube videos, and on Display Network. These ads use narrow targeting methods to appear in the video streams for relevant search terms. More importantly, YouTube or in-stream ads allow maximum room for creating visually appealing ads to engage audiences for conversions.

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Best-in-Class PPC Management Company

ESP Inspire has always strived in the competitive market by delivering promising results to clients. If you choose to hire AdWords experts from our agency, you can expect to find a sales-driven PPC strategy to drive more potential customers towards your business website. Our experts are well-versed in the paid ads creation process working with diverse industries over the years. What gives us a competitive edge in the market is our continuously optimizable approach in the best interest of your business goals.

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Google AdWords
Budget /mo
$300 - $600
Paid to Google
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Spark Package

Google AdWords
Budget /mo
$600 - $1200
Paid to Google
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Flare Package

Google AdWords
Budget /mo
$1200 - $2400
Paid to Google
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Blast Package

Google AdWords
Budget /mo
$2400 - $5000
Paid to Google
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Search Campaign Setup

Features Boost Package Spark Package Flare Package Blast Package
Campaign Creation upto 1 upto 5 upto 10 upto 15
Competitor Keywords Analysis
Creating Ad extensions upto 1 upto 3 upto 6 upto 10
Ongoing account Optimization Once in a week Thrice a week 4 days a week 5 days a week
Advanced Bidding Strategies
Google Analytics integration
Webmaster tools integration
Conversion Code Creation
Google Analytics Custom Dashboard
Call Campaign Option Optional - Additional Budget Required Optional - Additional Budget Required Optional - Additional Budget Required

Display Campaign Setup

YouTube Advertising
Mobile App Advertising
Advanced Ad group Strategies

Shopping Campaign Setup

Merchant Account Setup
Item ID Level Bidding
Product Targeting Adgroup Level Category Level Sub-Category Level Product Level
Conversion Tracking
Monthly Reporting